A new year, same old Knitsoc!

Hello everyone, and welcome to our blog!

We will be having regular meetings every Monday and Thursday:

  • Monday: 6-8pm in Society Room D
  • Thursday: 4-6pm in Forgans

This year membership costs £3, and with membership you get:

  • A pair of knitting needles and a ball of yarn
  • 20% off in Forgans and Mitchells
There is of course some conditions to the wonderful Forgans discount. It is valid for parties of up to 8 people, Sunday-Thursday after 5pm. A valid membership card must be presented.
Remember knitters and crocheters of all abilities are welcome! If you want to learn we’re happy to teach you, and if you know some cool techniques we would love to learn them!

Hope to see you at one of our meetings!

Another semester over

As Christmas and exams are slowly approaching, it was time to have the last KnitSoc meeting of the semester this week. Like last year, we decided to go out with a bang (or at least the Christmas crackers did), so we had a festive three-course meal at Forgan’s, where we have been having our Friday meetings this semester.


Great company and tasty food is never wrong! Neither is a society discount on the latter. Let us hope these Christmas meals become a lasting tradition! Merry Christmas (or other winter holiday of your choice) and a Happy New Year – hope to see you all in February!

Pittenweem yarn excursion

St Andrews sadly doesn’t have a yarn shop, but that gave us an excuse to have a yarn excursion to Pittenweem! Not only do they have their own Woolly Brew – the Pittenweem Chocolate Company’s Cocoa Tree café makes a perfect lunch place. Here are today’s highlights:



The Woolly Brew, or yarn paradise, for yarnshop-starved St Andrews students.

The Woolly Brew, or yarn paradise, for yarnshop-starved St Andrews students.


Yarn must be squeezed before it is bought, of course!

Yarn must be squeezed before it is bought, of course!

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Ruth with her new yarn

Ruth with her new yarn

Hot chocolate - amazing!

Hot chocolate – amazing!




Five of our most dedicated knitters!

Five of our most dedicated knitters!

Knitting competition 2013: Food

Spring means competition time in KnitSoc, and this year’s theme was food! Seven members accepted the challenge of knitting something food-inspired, and some rather amazing prices were waiting for the participants.



We all gave points on a scale from 1 to 10 to the other contributions (not our own, of course) after inspecting them properly.



So how did it go? Ruth and Tonje shared first place, Ruth with her cable banana (which she designed herself) and Tonje with her googly-eyed shrimps.



In second place: Natalie’s pasta dish (with a knitted fork as well!)


And in third place: Charlotte’s sushi scarf.


Also competing were Sarah with her cupcake mittens, Emily with knitted eggs and Immy with a banana cover.




Thanks to Charlotte, we had enough prizes for everyone. The highest scores got the first pick, but everyone seemed very happy in the end 🙂


Knitting pub crawl


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One night, seven pubs, one chip shop. Knitters don’t just know how to knit, they also know how to eat (both cheesy and plain chips) and drink (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages).

2013-03-06 22.50.08

2013-03-06 22.57.57

2013-03-06 22.56.46

2013-03-06 21.00.35

Whether you wanted your ocktail with an ‘m’ or a ‘c’, you were welcome in our little gang! Great fun, great conversations, and even a bit of great sushi scarf knitting!

Valentine’s Day Yarn Bombing

As a knitting society, we try to come up with good ways to teach members different aspects of knitting, at the same time as we want to do some fun stunts now and then. We figured that Valentine’s Day was the perfect opportunity to learn how to read patterns, and an excellent opportunity to do some yarn bombing!

Therefore, we had special heart-knitting session during the last three meetings before the 14th of February. Ruth, our president, took responsibility of finding patterns and explaining them to the rest of us.

2013-02-06 19.26.29

2013-02-06 19.26.52

We also had a selection of pink yarns that members could indulge in for the occasion!

2013-02-06 19.27.01

And then, before most students had even thought of waking up to celebrate the day of lurve, our knitting ninjas headed to the library and decorated the tree in front of the entrance.

2013-02-14 17.20.18

2013-02-14 17.21.07

We hope we brightened everyone’s day, singletons and couples alike!

Christmas Dinner Time


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Knitsoccers not only like to knit – we also enjoy eating.


Thus we had to have a Christmas Dinner!


And oh, how we ate. Everything from turkey and haggis to vegetarian lasagne and cheesecake was served (separately, not mixed together, of course), and we embraced the task heartily.






We even managed to smile politely when the festive Christmas music was turned off in favour of a non-Christmassy live musician!



…we just created our own festive entertainment instead 😉


Merry Christmas, see you all next semester!

Another Friday knit


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Friday night is union night for KnitSoc!

Emily wearing one of her own accomplishments

Some of us make clothes, others make accessories, while others again knit amazing little creatures, like sea monsters, for instance.

Natalie and her awesome Nessie!

In these deadline-ridden times, it is good to have something enjoyable to do, and Charlotte is a living proof that knitting is enjoyable!

Charlotte proves that knitting is fun 🙂

Some of us also like to find other knitting-related items!

With two meetings a week, there is always an opportunity to do some knitting in St Andrews! 🙂